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Our food safety courses are self-paced. You will have 60 days from the date of purchase to complete the course and exam. If you fail to complete the course and exam within this period, your registration will be cancelled and you will need pay to start again.

No, you can stop and start as many times as you like. Your course will be saved automatically from where you stopped and when you resume, it will continue from that same point. You also have the option to continue from the beginning if you like.

Only the exam must be done in one sitting.

Yes, as long as the device has a working webcam and microphone, and the latest browser (Firefox or Chrome on Windows/Android devices, and Safari on Apple devices) you will be able to use it to take the online exam.

The exam will not start if a working webcam or microphone is not detected on the device and permission to access the camera and mic is not given to our proctors.

Upon successfully passing the exam, a wall size certificate will be emailed to you within 4 hours during business hours. It will take 24 hours after business hours.

Please read our Refund Policy by clicking here


Probe It Food Safety is nationally accredited, meaning our certificates are accepted and recognized by all health units across Canada. We have issued Food Safety certificate in every province in Canada.

Yes, our food handler online training is approved and a more effective way of learning. Probe it Food Safety has certified tens of thousands of customers online.

No, you do not need in class training. You can become a certified food handler completely online.

You do not need to manually schedule the online exam. It is automatically scheduled for you once you purchase the course.

The final exam portion must be completed on a device with a working webcam and microphone, whether a computer or mobile device such as a phone or laptop. You will be connected to your proctor through the camera.

No problem, you can take the exam 3 times for FREE! Your exam will be rescheduled within 24 hours.

We have the ability to monitor and control the online exam at all times, including pausing and terminating the exam. The online live proctor will give a warning if any signs or indications of cheating are suspected. If the signs persist, the exam will be terminated which results in immediate failure. The student may be granted a retest in very particular circumstances. However, this will be at their own expense.

No problem, you will have up to one (1) year from the date of purchase to use the user license. Our internal licensing module will handle that for you.

No problem – as long as the student has not logged in, we will credit their account towards another user.

You don’t, it is done automatically. The exam will be available 24/7, on demand, anytime.

Immediately upon you sending us the employee information

It is government requirement for anyone taking an accredited food handler exam to provide a valid photo ID. The proctor needs to confirm that your identity matches. The proctor only needs to see your name and photo on the ID, so all other info on the ID may be concealed if you wish.

This is a government requirement for all accredited food handler courses. The proctor will use the camera to authenticate and verify the exam taker once they submit their photo ID, prevent cheating, and maintain the security of the exam questions.

Our online food safety training course is currently available in English and French.

We are more than happy to extend the course access of the employee for you so that they can finish the course.