Accepted Canada Wide

The PROBE IT is accepted by all provinces across Canada. Our Certifications are valid for a 5-year period.

Our Courses

PowerPoint and video tutorials are not only very boring, but are also not effective. This is why we are releasing courses using the latest learning technology. Our new way to learn is interactive, easy, and fun. Probe It is the only training company in Canada that offers accurate course demos to show you just how engaging and entertaining our course is.

What’s Included

  • Pass Guarantee
  • Unlimited Free Exam Retakes
  • Free Practice Exam Questions
  • Instant Certificate and Wallet Card
  • Accepted Across Canada
  • Available 24/7 On Demand
  • Available In Multiple Languages
  • User-Friendly
  • High-Quality Course
  • Stress-Free Course
  • Mobile-Friendly – Learn on the Go!
  • Over 30 Day Access
  • Free Certificate Fraud Protection
  • Corporate Group Price Match

How To Get Your Certificate


Trusted By Canada’s Most Recognized Restaurant Chains

PROBE IT has been providing affordable, simple and fun Food Safety Training solutions to savvy Canadian employers and employees. To date, thousands of employees who work for some of the most recognized companies in Canada have taken their Food Handlers Certification with us.

What our customers say


We are more than happy to extend the course access of the employee for you so that they can finish the course.

Our online food safety training course is currently available in English and French.

This is a government requirement for all accredited food handler courses. The proctor will use the camera to authenticate and verify the exam taker once they submit their photo ID, prevent cheating, and maintain the security of the exam questions.

It is government requirement for anyone taking an accredited food handler exam to provide a valid photo ID. The proctor needs to confirm that your identity matches. The proctor only needs to see your name and photo on the ID, so all other info on the ID may be concealed if you wish.

Immediately upon you sending us the employee information

You don’t, it is done automatically. The exam will be available 24/7, on demand, anytime.